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  • Sandra says:

    I have a similar tote in breast cancer “swirly pink? Gals. Let me tell you. I agree with this Vera gal. I can stuff so much stuff in it. It is amazing. I have my planner, calander(both, my lifeline) Vera items of the following: pencil case, all around wristlet, small and large make-up bag. one is used for a video camera, tech case for a camera, change purse, book, medicine, phone, credit card holder, id case. and then the other stuff like a book, magazine, meds, other makeup, snacks, gum, periodical, trade mags, files. It holds up too. I turned the baby bag into a brief case, talk about room, and I take the baby bag to cheerleading competitions filles wth stuff we might neeed : water, snacks, highlighters, pens, safty pins needle, and thread, …..So if you don’t have one you should. I hope one day Vera makes a brief case. I would buy it in a heart beat and match it with the computer carrier and accessories for business.

  • Priscilla Harrell says:

    I love the new bags. Love the spring colors. Keep up the good work.

  • MaryAnn Sines says:

    I enjoy all the different styles and color patterns. I purchase for my three daughters, siblings, and grand daughters. I notice most of your ads show teens, young mothers, however those of us over 50 are buying for ourselves, as well as the younger generations. I look forward to purchasing the gallery wallet; it reminds me of another product with a shoulder strap I purchased years ago. Thank you for lasting products and yet refreshing products, so I want to always have another!

  • julie says:

    Love Love Love Vera Bradley products !!
    Each time I get something new it becomes my favorite, that is until the next ‘new’ pattern or style comes out -LOL

  • Jillian Pehrson says:

    Ahhhh the umbrella is so cute!

  • Allegra says:

    I can’t wait to get an umbrella. There is also some sort of precipitation in Pennsylvania and what better way to brighten a gray day but with a Vera Bradley umbrella!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I love the Vera umbrellas.The Folkloric one is very cute. I would love one in Versailles!

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