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Liz on Location and Spring 2011!

Liz Money, Vera Bradley Fabric and Trend Coordinator

Well my fashion intuition goes back to when I was 3 (a little sarcasm here), when I refused to wear anything other than my mini poodle skirt, matching shirt and red leather Mary Janes.

Much like my keen fashion sense, my goofy quirks have always been a big part of my personality, and I have the marks to prove it. Under my right eye, you’ll see a scar. I was 4. I was twirling, laughing, dancing. And, wouldn’t you know it, I sashayed myself right into the corner of my babysitter’s coffee table.

I still love to laugh (and twirl), and I draw great inspiration from my grandmother, to whom I credit my initial interest in fashion. Her picture adorns my desk and, though I know her mostly through stories, her class, style and grace stay with me always.
Liz's grandmother and stye inspiration
I attended Indiana University Bloomington, where I studied Studio Art and Art History. While I didn’t know it at the time, these subjects gave me a strong foundation for what I do now, with emphasis on photography and textile design. While in Bloomington, I worked part time in the props and costume department for the IU opera (Musical Arts Center). And with that, my love of fashion blossomed.

As fate would have it, I landed in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and happily, at Vera Bradley. I told Human Resources I would take any job they had, which resulted in my first role as a second-shift fabric cutter. While I enjoyed the position, I had my heart set on working hard and getting noticed. The great thing about Vera Bradley is that they recognize where you will excel.

As openings became available, I applied. Finally, there was a position for an assistant in Product Development. After 8 months, I was in! I transitioned to Technical Design Assistant, where I helped the designers with trends and inspiration and began looking at color on the production side. This led me to the job I have held for the last three years: Fabric and Trend Coordinator. I research, forecast and educate cross-functional teams on what’s up-and-coming according to our brand, and make myself available as a resource for the designers.

Since I’m globetrotting on a regular basis, the powers that be decided we should document and share my adventures. So, now I’m Liz on Location, and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to bring you updates on the fashion, people and places that inspire us, and take you along as we photograph our collections against beautiful backdrops. Go ahead and press play on the first of many behind-the-scenes videos to come!


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