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How to tie a scarf. And … action!

Vera Bradley Scarves
One of our all-time favorite accessories is also one of the most versatile. The latest collection is teeming with scarf options. Whether you choose to use yours as a winter warmer, way to punctuate your wardrobe, or both, the timeless touch just never loses its effect.

Take our bold Winter colors, add an animated stylist and voilà … you have a playful scarf styling tool fit to pin and enjoy over and over again!

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Polish off the Look with Cheery Blossoms

Polish off the look: Cheery BlossomsWe’re thrilled to have Product Development Design Assistant Van on the blog today with a bright, Cheery Blossoms-inspired tutorial to transform your manicure from mundane to merry.

Polish off the look: Cheery Blossoms

Van’s advice:

You can use the thin brush provided with nail art-specific polishes or a small paintbrush.

Let’s talk glitter. Make sure when picking a polish you select an option with both small and large glitter so you get depth. If your glitter polish is too runny, just add top coat into the bottle and shake it to thicken.

Before you apply your base coat, buffer your nails and then clean with alcohol or water (not soap).

After the base coat, apply top coat so the surface is smooth and easy to add artwork to. Let that dry for about 5-10 minutes before trying the rest of the steps.

Pumpkin Patterns

Vera Bradley Pumpkin StencilsTransform your squash from orange to outstanding just in time for trick-or-treating. Print these Laser-Cut inspired patterns and add a hint of Vera Bradley to your Halloween fun.

Stencil us in

1. Paint. Use a larger paintbrush to cover your entire pumpkin in a base color, if desired. Once your first coat is dry, cut the pattern out of the paper. Adhere the paper to your pumpkin and trace the design in pencil. Paint the pattern for a finished colorblock treat.

2. Carve. Cut around the top of your pumpkin and remove all pulp and seeds. Tape the print out to your pumpkin and use the dark pattern as a guide to carve out the design. (A pumpkin carving kit would be helpful.)

Download the patterns

A warm welcome for Winter

A holiday-friendly palette of red and green has arrived. Today, you can shop the jewel colors at play on Emerald Paisley or blushing blooms of Cheery Blossoms, as well as their complementary solid counterparts, in standout new styles.Welcome Winter

Available now, online and in stores

Dress your tech. Cover your mobile device
or desktop in wonderful Winter colors.

Vera Bradley Desktop Download: Cheery Blossom

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile

Vera Bradley Desktop Download: Emerald Paisley

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile

A Closer Look: Emerald Paisley

Emerald PaisleyThis lively print is a real gem, and your pass to dress up in bold, rich hues this holiday season. A preppy palette of navy, winter white, green and navy is perfect paired with everyday denim. Special occasion? Elevate the look with stylish statement jewelry in corresponding jewel tones of emerald, sapphire, aquamarine or magenta.

Emerald Paisley

Available in …

Vera Bradley Winter 2014: Emerald Paisley

Stand out this season …

New Styles in Emerald Paisley

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Emerald Paisley board on Pinterest.

Shop the entire collection when it arrives online and in stores Thursday, October 23!

A Closer Look: Cheery Blossoms

Cheery Blossoms‘Tis the season for good cheer and, of course, color, and this newcomer arrives bearing both. Inspired by graphic blooms, Cheery Blossoms’ glittering floral centers resemble faceted stones, dressed in shades of garnet and ruby, and soft and bright pink. A graphite gray ground helps highlight the black and white. Styles in this print pair perfectly with new Tango Red and Classic Black Vera Vera, and bring a bright accent to holiday wear.
Cheery Blossoms

Available in …

Cheery Blossoms

New Winter warmers …

New styles in Cheery Blossoms

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Cheery Blossoms board on Pinterest.

Shop the entire collection when it arrives online and in stores Thursday, October 23!

Pink with a Purpose

Rosy, powder or bright as can be, pink is the official color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our Product Development team shared how they style this shade of hope throughout the week on Instagram.
Vera Bradley Pink with a Purpose

PICTURED: Little Hipster in Pink Swirls | Soft Frame Case in Petite Pink | Your Turn Smartphone Wristlet in Pink Swirls | Envelope in Fuchsia | Soft Fringe Scarf in Pink Swirls | Satchel in Fuchsia | Triple Zip Hipster in Pink Swirls | Slim and Trim Hipster in Petite Pink

Are you wearing pink with a purpose? Follow and share with us.