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Take 20 with Kim

Take 20 with Kim

Ever wonder how we get so many styles into the Store and maintain our fun, signature look? Kim M., Retail Visual Design Specialist, has a lot to do with it.

“My job has two parts,” she says. “For a store opening, I order the product that goes on the floor. Then I go to the store and train new associates on the specifics for our visual merchandising – stuffing, styling, how we want cabinets to look – basically all those fussy details. Then I sit down with the leadership team to get them acclimated and talk through their questions.”

To keep the warm atmosphere that she believes sets us apart, Kim also stays in constant communication with 22 of our Stores in 2 regions to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Since the Spring collection has such a strong color story, we wanted to know how that would translate to what you see in our Stores. “I get direction from our team for the color story based on trends, etc. We’ll show how Faux Leather and other fabrications tie into your look, or if you’re already a solid-style fan, maybe how you could incorporate polka dots.” Intrigued by her keen eye for color complements and storefront storytelling, we wanted to sit down for a 20-question timeout with Kim to hear more …

1 Can you describe the Spring collection in three words?

Festive, happy and preppy

2 Favorite movie?

How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days

3 Favorite app?


4 Best part of your job?

The people

5 What theme do you see in the Spring collection?


6 Favorite singer/performer?

Taylor Swift

7 What’s your spirit animal?

A puppy dog, eager and playful

8 How do you take your coffee?


9 If you could have coffee with any famous person,
living or dead, who would it be?

My best friend, Heather

10 Favorite board game?

Apples to Apples

Take 20 with Kim

11 What inspires you professionally?


12 What inspires you personally?

My faith

13 What’s the coolest thing on your desk?

A picture of my nieces and nephew

14 Whose style do you admire?

Reese Witherspoon

15 Crossbody, Shoulder Bag or Backpack?


16 Favorite flower?

Whatever smells good, but I love peonies

17 What would you take to a desert island?


18 How do you unwind after work?

Get magazines and sit on the sofa with a candle lit

19 If you could switch jobs with anyone for a day, who would it be?

Princess Kate

20 Favorite Vera Bradley pattern of all time?


Take 20 with Kim

Oh, Hello there

Hello Yellow ToteThe black, white and yellow trend threading its way through our Spring collection was very much inspired by the urban woman on the go, including scenes of taxi cabs and vast black and white cityscapes. The combination elicits a live-in-the-moment mentality, while suggesting sophistication, even when dressing sporty.

Hello Yellow Tote

On Thursday, along with our dynamic duo of new colors, we greeted an exciting limited edition Hello Yellow Tote. Midnight Houndstooth is treated to a bright yellow trim and lovely lightweight material for a style that injects a bold, bright element to any ensemble.

Act fast … Receive a free exclusive Hello Yellow Tote (reg. $58)
with any purchase of $125 or more, through January 19!

(New Black and White Leather styles available online and in stores February 5.)

Shine bright in Spring

Vera Bradley Spring 2015

Today, your affection for Lucky You and Rio can officially flourish.
New looks for the Spring collection have arrived, online and in stores!


Lucky You

Dress your tech.
Cover your mobile device or desktop in wonderful Spring colors.

Download: Rio

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile

Download: Lucky You

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile

Vera Bradley Downloads: Midnight Stripe

Download: Desktop | Tablet | Mobile

Don’t forget to share a snapshot of your brand-new styles with #verabradley on Instagram!

A Closer Look: Rio


This bold arrival calls for a fiesta. Inspired by an island spirit and fashioned in a bright, happy palette, Rio is a party in a pattern. This vibrant color is perfect for those who love to play with print combinations, plan exotic getaways and settle in for sizzling paella and cool sangria. Pair Rio with dark navy, red orange or yellow gold for brilliant, lively spring looks.


Available in …


Accessorize in Rio …


See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Rio board on Pinterest.

Shop the entire collection when it arrives online and in stores Thursday, January 15!

A Closer Look: Lucky You

Lucky You

We promise this perfect palette of navy and kelly green will have you feeling fortunate. A simple ‘60s floral and leaf pattern, accented with the pop of crisp white petals, proves that preppy paired with sporty can be incredibly refreshing. A playful dot interior is the final punctuation for this charming newcomer.

Lucky You

Available in …

Lucky You fabrications

New Handbags, to have and to hold …

Lucky You New Styles

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Lucky You board on Pinterest.

Shop the entire collection when it arrives online and in stores Thursday, January 15!

Take 20 with Anna

Take 20 with Anna

If your list of goals for 2015 includes “get moving,” you’re certainly not alone. The spike in fitness pacts on Facebook and lack of open treadmills at the gym come January are proof that losing weight is the undisputed champ of resolutions. Seeking some motivation to set our healthful plans in motion, we sat down for a 20-question timeout with Anna, a certified fitness instructor and Digital Project Coordinator for Vera Bradley.

“I’m certified for Zumba Fitness and Centergy, which is a yoga-Pilates workout that includes a lot of stretching and core work,” she shares. But even at the head of the class, Anna assures us there are times her get-up-and-go dwindles. “Whenever I don’t want to work out, I have to remind myself how good I feel when I’m done. You never regret a workout.” And with that motto, let the encouragement begin …

1 What’s your favorite workout?

SkyFit … It’s a trampoline class with lots of jumping, Pilates and strength. I mean, you’re on a trampoline, so you get to feel like a kid.

2 How do you fit a workout into a busy schedule?

There’s no easy solution, unfortunately. You have to schedule it into your day, even if that means tackling it first thing in the morning. Everyone has 24 hours. Do workouts that are 20 minutes or less if you don’t have time to go to the gym.

3 What are you reading right now?

It Starts With Food (about the Whole30) and Wild, which I love! It inspires me to get outside and be one with nature.

4 What motivates you?

Blogs, I read a lot of health and fitness blogs and they’re always on to the latest and greatest workouts and recipes.

5 What’s your favorite season?

I would say fall. Not too hot or too cold and you can do a lot outside.

6 Favorite movie?

Sex and the City

7 Instagram or SnapChat?


8 Favorite fitness app?

Nike Training Club. It has workouts based on time and muscle groups, and it’s free!

9 Favorite Vera Bradley pattern of all time?

Blue Bayou

10 What’s on your workout playlist?

Rap/Hip Hop and EDM (electronic dance music)

11 Latest Netflix binge?


12 Best gift you received this Christmas?

Blue Jay Bluetooth headphones. They’re sport headphones with no cord that sync to your cell phone.

13 How do you take your coffee?

Black or with a little French vanilla creamer.

14 If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be?

Oprah … I love her!

15 What’s the coolest thing on your desk?

My engagement picture

16 Five things you always have in your gym bag?

Facial cleansing wipes, headphones, a timer, socks and extra hair ties.

17 Best pre-workout snack?

Ezekiel toast with almond butter.

18 One country you’d like to visit?


19 What’s at the top of your fitness bucket list?

Run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. It has lots of hills and it’s hard, but at the end, firefighters give you a Tiffany & Co. necklace, which is so cool!

20 Any resolutions you care to share?

Another certification … I’m thinking spinning or group fitness.

Rock her Sock

As the big day approaches, we’re all running through our cheery checklists: Gifts wrapped, cookies frosted, cards sent, stockings … bare? Fret not, great gifters, our Stores are your last stop for smaller styles to make her sock sparkle Christmas morning.

Coming soon, to a mantel near you:

Stocking Stuffers

PICTURED (clockwise from top left): 1. Pencil Set with Tin in Emerald Paisley | 2. Round About Jewelry Box in Cheery Blossoms | 3. Slim Journal Set in Pink Swirls | 4. Travel Manicure Set in Cheery Blossoms | 5. Pocket Mirror in Emerald Paisley